The business setup has now transformed to a more energetic and fast paced setup. Businesses are grabbing the opportunity to transform their business formats to maximize their outreach to the customers. There are many websites that offer to register domain name free of cost. At some websites for domain name registration you need to buy a domain name. There are many website hosting services that offer the opportunity to select from various domain name examples. The most suitable domain name example contains the brand name or the hint of niche that the brand belongs to. This helps in creating a positive and reinforced image in the minds of the buyers.

Publishing an ASP.NET scripted website through a reasonably affordable Linux Host, is not a difficult task. Follow the below provided guide line to successfully complete the setup:

  1. Buy a suitable and cheap Linux machine that you can get hold of through websites selling hosts and devices. The current example of a setup is given considering the Ubuntu 14.4, with LTS profiling, 64 bits and boasting of 4.6.5 Kernel.
  2. The preference is to use SSH for this Linux machine, therefore, there will be a need of SSH client. If there is Windows 10 installed, you do not need an extra additional software, the shell that contains bash/ubuntu can be run and there is also an option to download it from the internet. You need win32 port to download and run it.
  3. Once you have the system up and running you log in to the system. It is advisable that you should work with the administrator id to create another id. This is the user id. After successful creation, you should log out and then re login with the second it. This way if any issues occur, the id can be deleted and a new one created.
  4. When the id has been created, .NET core instructions can be downloaded easily from, there you will find 8 different languages and scripts for the Linux. Since the example is regarding Ubuntu, the script followed will be Ubuntu.
  5. Now a website can be developed using The website would be very simple and quite blank at first. This is the basic structure that is formed at first. The web app test usually is run on the local host.
  6. Once the test run is successful, the website can now be exposed to port 80.
  7. A reverse proxy is also to be set like NGINX. This helps your website respond to the calls to your website.

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