The Best Website Hosting Providers According to G2 Crowd Spring 2016 Rankings, Based on User Reviews

  • G2 crowd it the world’s foremost platform that reviews all the varying business software’s available. The company includes more than 80,000 user reviews so that they can make a better decision regarding the best business software’s. Buyers, investors and analysts of various technologies use this site so that they can make the decision of choosing the best software with the help of reviews given by different people, along with a combination of social data.
  • Each month more than half a million people visit the G2 crowd’s website so that they can choose the best software for their business. G2 crowd is co-founded by the present executives and founder of SaaS leader BigMachine and has a rough capital of 12 million dollars that support the company. The main aim and goal of G2 crowd is to bring transparency to the business technology sector.
  • G2 is seen as the world’s leading business software platform. Today it released the latest spring 2016 website hosting grid report so that all kind of firms can make the best decision regarding the choice of web hosting server. According to the report, Patheon and GoDaddy were listed as the leading web hosting choice. Patheon and GoDaddy were seen to receive the largest customer satisfaction scores as well as having the leading market presence. These web hosting providers have CMS platforms that are strongly supported, they have an improved email hosting and come at a lower price.
  • The report stated that SiteGround, WP Engine, InMotion Hosting along with DreamHosting were seen as the ones with the highest performance scores and have the leading customer satisfaction levels. In addition to this they also had a less significant market existence score. Patheon is the website hosting provider that is leading with an overall customer satisfaction score. On the other hand, GoDaddy is the website hosting provider with the leading market presence.
  • Legitimate users as well as retailer market presence that is settled on by public and social data have report the grid leverages customer satisfaction data. The combination of these scores is what allowed the business solutions to be categorized as high performer, competitor, leader or niche. The web hosting grid report was created with the help of more than 310 reviews generated by business professionals. The 52 products listed in the report have received at least 10 reviews which led them to being included in the report.

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