Word Press has turned into a popular option for many individuals who are seeking to establish their websites or businesses. Today 27% of the websites that are running on the internet are all word press based, and it is gaining popularity. Once you have developed your website, you need to look for a host who would provide you with the server facility to showcase your website to the world. A host is necessary. It helps in providing you with data storage facility and helps you provide your customers with the shopping cart option as well.

Before you look for a host, you need to have a domain name registration done. There are many websites that offer the opportunity to register domain name free of cost, but it is best avoidable to use these free services because the names are usually non-comprehendible for the general public. The best domain name example would be the one where when you read out to a random person, and he can understand it and Google it with the right spellings. There are many hosting websites as well that offer you the chance to buy a domain name and choose a host from the same platform.

There are some particular features that need to be considered when choosing the right hosting service because it is a long-term decision and hence should be taken wisely after scrutiny. The features are:

  • The uptime of the website is very important for you. Any business would want their website to be up and running for the whole 24 hours. This ensures that the customer is provided with the services whenever they want to. Websites prefer to keep their down time low so that they are always there for their customers.
  • The speed of the website is also very important. A fast loading website is always a charm; a slow loading website will lead to lesser customer conversion. Even if your website has a great up time but a slow loading website would be a major put off.
  • Security is another major concern for you; you would like your site hacked and especially if you are an e-commerce website that stores customer’s data for reuse, would like stringent security measures so that the data remains protected and the privacy maintained. Purchasing transactions require financial details, and no customer would be willing to share details if there is any security threat.

The recommended hosting sites are WP Engine and Site Ground!

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