Interested in purchasing a new domain name? Read this article and discover how to avoid domain name scamps and buy a domain name that is available and reliable!

Nowadays, buying a new domain name is the easiest thing you can do. There are a lot of domain name registrars available online so you can pick one and buy yourself a new domain. The hardest part is picking a suitable domain name for your website or blog while the domain registration process is quick and simple.

Choosing a suitable domain name requires a lot of hard work, analyzing, and brainstorming, especially if you are planning on running an online business and you are planning on keeping your reputation. You need a short and simple name that is going to represent your business and brand online.

  • Once you will choose a suitable domain name, you should pick a reliable domain name registrar as well. By choosing a reliable domain name registrar you will ensure a quality service and impeccable support.

    But, be careful, as there are a lot of domain name scams on the internet. There are fraudulent companies and services running domain name scamps designed to mislead you to sign up, register or purchase an alternative domain with them. There are companies that convince you to transfer your current domain name to them. These are scams and you must avoid them.

    In this article, we are going to explain to you how to avoid the domain name scams online and how to buy a domain name that is available and reliable. Check out

    In order to avoid domain name scams online you should know how to identify them:

Alternate Domain Name

This is probably one of the most popular scams on the internet. It includes a company phoning you saying that someone is trying to purchase an alternative version of your current domain name. They will offer you to register the alternative domain at a price which is significantly higher than the usual price for registering a domain in order to secure the name. The company will give you a short time period to decide. Our advice is to refuse the registration. If you think that domain name is important to you, use a reliable domain name registration service.

Domain Renewal

Another popular scam. It includes a domain renewal invoice being sent to you. These invoices warn you to renew your domain with them or you are risking to lose your current domain name. If you receive such invoice, you need to check if it is coming from your current domain registrar. If the invoice is sent from an unknown company, you should ignore the message.

Domain Name Search Engine Registration

This scam includes an email written so that it sounds like it is related to your domain expiry or domain renewal. But, if you read the email carefully you will notice that they refer to domain name search engine registration and not your domain name registration. The email includes specific phrases that will pressure you to take an action such as expiry date, cancellation of this offer, failure to complete your registration, and etc. All you need to do is find a reliable company to help you with your SEO or Search Engine Optimization if this is an area you are interested in. Also, make sure to ignore the email and don’t do anything.

Now that you are familiar with the most popular scams available online, you will know how to avoid them and focus on buying reliable domains only!




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